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We are there for guidance and support making a personal one on one connection.
Providing value from choices that will offer you far more then you expected.

If you are a family caregiver, an in home care attendant or a social services agency and need help in addressing individual issues in nutritional wellness, retail navigation, costing, sanitation, menu planning and much more. Our professional culinary care services will certainly deliver value and comfort in the care giving process.

Taking all the strides forward on health and nutritional awareness we believe today there is a special opportunity for seniors and professional chefs to connect in a very nurturing and meaningful way that is very beneficial on a core level of need. Believing that our service has the opportunity to grow this natural core aspect of personal care within the senior's home. We offer an in-depth exclusive nutritional care program that is now available to the in-home care client and community.

By bringing the professional chef to the senior, we can share our passion in the culinary culture. 
It will certainly enhance a vital part of their life through the interaction between our care chefs about nutritional foods, shopping, planning and cooking together. Thus, renewing the culinary celebration we have had throughout life.

Our goal is to make sure your loved one is receiving all the best in nutritional care, advice and culinary support that can be given.

 Overview of Service

ECore is committed to providing quality meals to seniors who are in need of healthy and nutritional options that are carefully and specifically tailored for their various dietary needs including low-fat, diabetic, and low to no sodium.

Our weekly service offers the advantage of having an entire week of meals freshly prepared on one day and refrigerated or frozen for your convenience. We do offer bi-weekly or monthly maintenance service all depending on your needs.
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ECore Personal Chef Service